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-Si no estudiáis y no preparáis vuestros exámenes, ¿sabéis lo que va a pasar?

-¿Qué, qué va a pasar?


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Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

—Waiting For You [Live At Heaven's Night]


Silent Hill 4: The Room Ost - Waiting For You [Live At Heaven’s Night]

                                          - Elizabeth Gillies -

                                          - Elizabeth Gillies -

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"After killing his family,
the father hung himself
with an umbilical cord
they had in the garage”

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Toy Story That Time Forgot

Buzz, Woody and the gang encounter a tribe of new dinosaur action figures called “Battlesaurs” in the upcoming Disney/Pixar holiday television special. 

Seriously, how cool would those Battlesaurs be as real toys?

Catch Toy Story That Time Forgot Dec. 2 on ABC.

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